Harry Houdini, magician and escapologist, stunt performer, actor and film
 producer noted for his sensational escape acts, is born Erik Weisz in Budapest,
 Hungary. (Though Houdini claimed in interviews to have been born in Appleton, Wisconsin, on April 6,
 1874.) In 1987 Disney aired the film Young Harry Houdini (starring Will Wheaton) as part of their recently
 relaunched "Disney Sunday Movie" on ABC-TV. The film told the story of the "lost years" of young Erik Weisz.
Disney Store North America announces that it is expanding into the retail outlet arena and will officially open its first outlet location in New York at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. 
Legendary Disney animator, pioneer and mechanical genius Ub Iwerks is born Ubbe 
Ert Iwwerks in Kansas City, Missouri. (His unusual name is of Dutch origin.) Walt Disney's right hand man 
in the creation of the early Mickey Mouse cartoons, Iwerks animated the first Mickey Mouse silent cartoon, Plane 
Crazy, entirely by himself. (Iwerks was known for his fast work at drawing and animation and his wacky sense of 
humor.) He later developed many special visual effects for such features as Song of the South and Mary Poppins
He was named a Disney Legend in 1989.
French novelist Jules Verne, author of such classics as From the 
Earth to the Moon20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and Around 
the World in 80 Days, passes at age 77 in France. In his stories, Verne predicted the use of hydrogen as an energy source and many future modern 
conveniences and technological inventions such as skyscrapers, submarines, 
helicopters, and airplanes! Often referred to as the "Father of Science Fiction," Verne's 
work inspired many, including Walt Disney.
Classically trained ballerina-turned-choreographer Onna White is born in Inverness,
 Nova Scotia, Canada. Her Disney credits includes the 1977 musical feature Pete's Dragon.
Disney's Alice comedy film Alice Solves the Puzzle premieres at the 
Rivoli Theater in New York City.
Disney's Silly Symphony Easter-themed cartoon Funny Little Bunnies is released.
An Academy Award in the Short Subjects/Two Reels category is won by
 Disney's True-Life Adventure film Seal Island, at the 21st annual event (held at
 the Academy Theatre in Los Angeles). Mickey and the Seal and Tea for Two
 are both edged out by MGM's The Little Orphan for Short Subjects, Cartoon.
Actor Robert Carradine - Sam McGuire on Disney's TV sitcom Lizzie McGuire - is 
born in San Mateo, California. Carradine also plays the part of Maxwell Dwebb in 
Disney's 1988 TV presentation Totally Minnie.

Actress Donna Pescow, who portrayed Eileen Stevens - the mother on Disney Channel's 
Even Stevens, is born in Brooklyn, New York. She also appeared on an episode of 
That's So Raven(Movie fans will know her as Annette from the 1977 hit Saturday Night Fever.)
At Disneyland, the Astro-Jets open for business in Tomorrowland. A forerunner of today’s Astro Orbitor, Astro-Jets will close in 1966.
The TV series Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color
airs part 2 of the feature film Kidnapped.
The animated series Disney's House of Mouse debuts the 10th episode "Donald's Lamp Trade."
Randy Newman's "If I Didn't Have You" - from Disney's Monsters, Inc. - is
 awarded an Oscar for Best Song at the 2001 Academy Awards (held at
the Kodak Theatre). After 15 nominations, it is Newman's first Oscar win! Although
nominated for Best Animated Picture, Monsters, Inc. is edged out by Shrek.
Starting this day, the El Capitan Theatre presents Piglet's Big Movie.

Business Week magazine publishes an image of Disney's Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket characters for an article about lying on applications to business schools.
Actress Miley Cyrus (the 13-year-old daughter of actor & singer Billy
Ray Cyrus) stars on Disney Channel's Hannah Montana with the debut
episode "Lily, Do You Want To Know a Secret?"Miley plays 14-year-old Miley
 Stewart/Hannah Montana, who leads a double life. She lives with her older
 brother and widower father (played by her real-life dad Billy Ray).

Also debuting on Disney Channel is the original movie Cow Belles - starring
 Alyson Michalka and Amanda Michalka, better known as sister musical duo Aly & AJ.

       Disney's new Broadway musical Tarzan gives its very first 
       preview performance at the Richard Rodgers Theatre.
       The show officially opens May 10.

Stay Alive, co-produced by Hollywood Pictures, is released to theaters. A group of
teenagers decide to pass idle time by playing an online game that has a horror theme. But the action taking place on their computer screens becomes a terrifying reality when they realize that each time a character dies during the
game, the figure's human overseer dies as well! The cast includes Jon Foster, Samaire Armstrong, Frankie Muniz,
and Sophia Bush.
Mercury Records releases the official soundtrack to Disney's live-action feature Meet The Deedles.

 CMH Records releases Heigh Ho Banjo: Bluegrass Salutes Favorite Disney Songs.
Disney's Donald Duck short Crazy Over Daisy is released.
Among the Annie Awards presented (by
the Los Angeles branch of the
 International Animated Film Association,
 ASIFA-Hollywood) each year, is the
 Ub Iwerks Award - given to individuals or
 companies for technical advancements
 that make a significant impact on the art
 or industry of animation. Past recipients
 of this award include Dr. Ed Catmull for
 his breakthrough technologies at Pixar
 and Eric Daniels for the development
 of the 'Deep Canvas' process for Walt
 Disney's Tarzan. In 1978, Iwerks
was posthumously awarded
ASIFA-Hollywood's highest honor,
the Winsor McCay Award.

The Sword in the Stone becomes the fourth "Walt Disney Classic" to be released on 

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards an Oscar (Scientific or 
Technical) to Disney's David Spencer for the development of an animation photo 
transfer process. Spencer perfected the Animation Photo Transfer (APT), a technique for transferring the 
animators' art onto cels, in 1985. An artists' image is transferred wholesale onto the cel through a photo-negative 
process. Chemicals then remove the ink from the non-exposed areas. The process saves a great deal of time and 
work hours. Disney first applied the process to its 1985 film The Black Cauldron.
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Seal Island wins Oscar
The much anticipated 5-disc set Walt Disney and the 1964 World's Fair is finally released. A rare behind-the-scenes look at Walt Disney's contribution to the Fair, it includes a 24-page full color booklet and more than three hours of recordings from the classic attractions and exhibits designed by Disney.
Olympic Night at Disneyland raises $600,000 to benefit the 
United States Olympic Team.

"He (Ub Iwerks) was a great guy. I don't think there was a dishonest bone in his body. But he was a tremendous dreamer ... a tremendous inventor." -animator Grim Natwick
The television series Herbie The Love Bug airs episode #2 - "Herbie to the Rescue."
Disneyland's version of the Country Bear Jamboree opens in Bear Country. Sponsored first by Pepsi Cola, it is the second version of the attraction (as the first opened in WDW in October 1971). Disneyland's Country Bear Jamboree will run until September 9, 2001.
The Wildest Show in the Wilderness!
Ub Iwerks


Engineer James Endler passes away at the age of 82 in New York City. He helped manage 
some of the biggest construction projects of the 1970s, '80s and '90s, including the World Trade Center in New York 
City, Epcot Center at Walt Disney World in Florida, and the Renaissance Center in Detroit, Michgan. He also 
worked on Disneyland Paris for Lehrer McGovern Bovis, an international construction management firm. 
United States Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant-Drill Instructor-turned-actor
R. Lee Ermey is born Ronald Lee Ermey in Emporia, Kansas. Often typecast for
the roles of authority figures, Ermey provided the voice of Sarge for Toy StoryToy Story 2 and Toy
Story 3. His Disney voice credits also include Fillmore!Recess: School's Out, and Buzz Lightyear
of Star Command: The Adventure Begins. (You may recognize Ermey from his appearances in such
feature films as Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket and from a series of popular car insurance television commercials.)
March 24
This Day in Disney History - THE FIRST - THE ORIGINAL
Traveling in time since 1999!
"Disney Magic on Parade," running at Disneyland Paris since April 2012, gives its
final performance as does "Disney Dreams!," a nighttime spectacular (which will be
replaced by "Disney Illuminations").

The 80th and final episode of Disney Channel's sitcom Liv and Maddie: Cali Style
airs with the show "End-a-Rooney." First debuting in 2013, the comedy was first titled Liv and Maddie.
The western adventure fantasy film Tall Tale is released by Walt Disney Pictures.
Legendary American folk heroes come to life as young Daniel Hackett, played by Nick Stahl, embarks on a quest to
save his father's farm from a greedy land baron, played by Scott Glenn. The cast also includes Patrick Swayze as
Pecos Bill, Oliver Platt as Paul Bunyan, and Roger Aaron Brown as John Henry.
The 69th Academy Awards take place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.
-Best Original Song: "You Must Love Me" from Evita (Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice)