25th Anniversary Edition of the Many Adventures of Winnie 
the Pooh is released on DVD and VHS.

The Walt Disney Company puts the nose of one of their old 
Mark IV monorail cabs up for sale via online auction.
Star of stage & screen Lucile Watson - the grandmother in Disney's 1946 feature Song of the South - is born in Quebec, Canada. Beginning her career on the Broadway stage, Watson went on to appear in such feature films as Watch on the Rhine and Little Women. 
Legendary actor & writer Vincent Price - the voice of Professor 
Ratigan in Disney's 1986 release The Great Mouse Detective - is born 
in St. Louis, Missouri. It was one of his last major roles ... and one of his favorites! 
Horror film fans know Price best from classics like Tower of LondonThe House of the Seven Gables, and
House of Wax. Director Tim Burton directed a short stop-motion film as a tribute to Vincent Price called Vincent,
about a young boy named Vincent Malloy who was obsessed with the grim and macabre. Distributed by Disney's 
Touchstone in 1982, Vincent was narrated by Price himself!
Disney's animated Silly Symphony short Three Little Pigs, directed by Bert
 Gillett, is generally released. It features the song "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?" written by
 Frank Churchill. (The popularity of the film will lead to 3 sequels including Three Little Wolves and The
 Practical Pig.) Even though Carl Stalling (Walt's original musical director) left the Disney Studio in 1930, he
 can be heard in this short. Still making occasional visits to the studio, Stalling made one such visit at Disney's
 on the day that the music track was to be recorded - and was immediately drafted for
 the session!

The Century of Progress Exposition opens in Chicago, Illinois.
In August, Walt Disney and animator Ward Kimball will visit the
show to see its acres of famous railroad engines.
Disney's Silly Symphony cartoon Wynken, Blynken, and Nod is released. The 8-minute 
dream fantasy is based on a popular poem for children written by journalist Eugene Field in 1889. Disney makes 
lavish use of its new multi-plane camera, which gives scenes great depth & beauty - most particularly to the 
opening sequence. It is directed by Graham Heid.
Disney's 10th animated feature Melody Time, a film made up of miscellaneous stories, is released. Segments include "Once Upon A Wintertime" (featuring the singing voice of Frances Langford), "Bumble Boogie" (featuring the music of Freddy Martin and his orchestra), "Johnny Appleseed" (with radio star Dennis Day providing all the voices), "Trees" (with Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians),  "Little Toot" (featuring the singing Andrews Sisters). "Blame it on the Samba" (starring Donald Duck and José Carioca), and "Pecos Bill" (featuring Roy Rogers & the sounds of the Sons of the Pioneers).
Disneyland holds a grand opening ceremony for its newest attraction, Space
 Mountain (just in time for the Memorial Day weekend crowds). Attending the
 debut are the six surviving astronauts from the original seven Project Mercury space travelers and the
 widow of the seventh. Also opening along with Space Mountain is the 1,100-seat Space Stage, the 670-seat Space Place fast-food restaurant and the Starcade electronic arcade. It is the second
 Space Mountain in the world (the first one opened at WDW in Florida in 1975).
Roy E. Disney's son, Roy P. Disney marries Linda Ross.
Disney's featurette Sport Goofy in Soccermania debuts on television. This cartoon marks 
the first time Russi Taylor voices Huey, Dewey, and Louie (taking the role from Clarence Nash). Joe Ranft (future 
Pixar storyboard artist) and Tad Stones (who has been at Walt Disney Television Animation since its formation in 
1984) have written the story.
Disney's Sequoia Lodge - a recreation of an American wilderness hideaway -
 opens in Euro Disney Resort (later known as Disneyland Paris). The main lodge, which
 faces Lake Disney, includes 1011 rooms. It is designed by French architect Antoine Grumbach to evoke the
 atmosphere of the American National Park lodges built around the beginning of the 20th century.
The Coca-Cola Refreshment Corner, located on Main Street in the 
Magic Kingdom (at Disney World), is renamed Casey's Corner. A counter 
service eatery, Casey's Corner specializes in hot dogs, french fries and refreshments.
Disneyland's Toy Story Funhouse closes in Tomorrowland. The Toy Story Funhouse (along 
with Hamm’s All-Doll Revue) had opened in Tomorrowland in early 1996. Both planned as temporary attractions, 
the Toy Story Funhouse was first part of "Totally Toy Story" at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood in 1995.
Animator, Imagineer and Disney Legend Ken O'Connor passes away in Burbank,
 California. As a Disney layout artist and art director he worked on such classics as CinderellaFantasia, and
 Dumbo. As an Imagineer he worked on such projects as the Universe of Energy at EPCOT Center and the Back to
 Neverland introduction to animation film, one time featured in the Animation Building at Disney-MGM Studios in Florida.
The soundtrack to Disney's animated Hercules is released on Walt Disney Records.
It features the single "Go The Distance" written by Alan Menken & David Zippel, and performed by Michael Bolton.
When the Star Tours attraction
 officially opened at Disneyland
 in 1987, it marked the first time
 an aerospace simulator was
used in a theme park.
U.S. President Ronald Reagan and his wife visit EPCOT for the President's
 Second Inaugural Parade. (The original outdoor parade in January had been cancelled due to very bad weather in Washington, D.C., and an indoor mini-parade had been hastily organized in the Capital Centre sports
 arena.) Some 2,500 bandsmen from sixteen states participate at EPCOT on this day and the event makes
 television news and newspaper headlines around the world. The President is brought in by helicopter that lands
 behind the American Adventure pavilion. (Reagan, then an actor, took part in Disneyland's debut in 1955.)
MAY 27
A Star Tours opened in 
Disney-MGM Studios (today 
know as Disney's Hollywood 
Studios) in December 1989.
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod released
Disneyland's Space Mountain grand opening
MAY 27
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"You are go for Earth side launch." -Space Mountain
A special screening of Toy Story 3, to benefit Emery Ed Fund, takes place at Pixar Animation Studios. (The much-anticipated Toy Story 3 will be released June 18.)

Disney begins running their famous "I'm Going to Disney World" TV spot following the 
crowning of the newest American Idol Lee DeWyze the night before at the Nokia
Theater in Los Angeles, California.
Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales opens at the Shanghai Oriental Art
 Center in China (the first Disney Live! tour to ever debut in Asia).
Disney-MGM hosts the second (of what will be six) Star Wars Weekends. 
Celebrity guests include Peter Mayhew and Rob Coleman. 
"Mickey’s Soundsational Parade" makes its official debut at Disneyland.
 (Yesterday, May 26, guests were given an unannounced preview of the new parade.) The nine-float affair
 kicks off Disney Soundsational Summer, which will also include the openings of The Little Mermaid ~ Ariel’s
 Undersea Adventure and Star Tours, along with new experiences at the Disneyland Hotel and Paradise Pier.
The Miami Herald runs the banner headline, 
"Giant Land Deal Near Orlando Revealed." Staff writer Clarence Jones states:
A Miami law firm working with $5 million in cold cash has quietly engineered one of the biggest, most-talked-about 
Florida land deals in years.

Twelve miles southwest of Orlando, the firm has bought 30,000 acres of strategically located land that could 
become the state’s largest industrial complex.

Hottest current speculation says the purchasers will offer 3,000 acres to the Atomic Energy Commission for its new 
national accelerator laboratory, then develop the remaining 27,000 acres for related space age industry.

Rumor also says the Ford Motor Co. plans to break into missile and space technology at the secret site. Ford officials 
in Detroit deny it.

The McDonnell Aircraft Corp., builder of the Mercury and Gemini space capsules and a series of supersonic 
warplanes, is also mentioned as a possible buyer. McDonnell now has headquarters in St. Louis. There were some St. 
Louis men involved in the land negotiations.

Still another possibility is Disneyland East, the longplanned amusement park that would be bigger and better than 
the original Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. Walt Disney was at Cape Kennedy several weeks ago, but denied that he’s 
still considering Florida for his new venture.

Bankers and real estate brokers have been trying for months to find out what’s in the works. If any outsiders know, 
they aren’t telling. 

Back to Neverland was a short film featured at Disney's Hollywood Studios (in the days when the park was called Disney-MGM). A tourist in a Goofy hat
(played by Robin Williams) is magically transformed into a cartoon "lost boy" so that he can learn firsthand how animation is produced. Little Robin is
happy about his transformation until his host (veteran newsman Walter Cronkite) drops him into a background painting of a pirate ship where Robin encounters Captain Hook himself! This short played for 14 years - from the park's opening in 1989 until it was pulled in September 2003.
Photo by Bernie at Disney.Rocket9.net
Actor Jack McBrayer, the voice of Fix-It Felix for the 2012 Wreck-It-Ralph, is born
in Macon, Georgia. He is also the voice of Irving for episodes of Phineas and Ferb and the TV movie 
Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension. (McBrayer is best known for his role as NBC page 
Kenneth Parcell on NBC primetime comedy 30 Rock.)
Open Vault Disney, a Disney DVD fan campaign, begins.

May 27
Jazz great Benny Goodman performs the first of a
3-day Memorial Weekend engagement at Disneyland.
A clarinetist and bandleader, his music was featured in
Disney's 1946 Make Mine Music.

Memorial Day is observed on this last Monday of May in the USA.

Candice Glover, season 12 winner of American Idol, visits Walt Disney World
to tape new audio and video segments for the Disney's Hollywood Studios attraction.
Starting on this Friday night, Disney's Animal Kingdom features nocturnal
entertainment for the first time, including projections on the signature Tree of Life
and nighttime tours of the Savannah where lions, giraffes and monkeys roam.
The park stays open until 11 p.m., a first for the 18-year-old DAK. (The park has typically closed at 6 p.m.)
Disney has carefully designed lighting and soundtracks to ensure that the animals won't be disturbed.

Alice Through the Looking Glass, a fantasy adventure film, directed by James Bobin,
written by Linda Woolverton, and produced by Tim Burton, is released by Walt Disney Pictures. Based on the characters created by Lewis Carroll, it is the sequel to the 2010 Alice in Wonderland.
The film stars Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway as the White Queen, and Mia Wasikowska as Alice.
Inspector Gadget is re-released on DVD by Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Co-
produced by Walt Disney Pictures and originally released to theaters in 1999, it is loosely based on the 1983 animated television series of the same name. The film stars Matthew Broderick as the title character, Rupert
Everett as Dr. Claw, Michelle Trachtenberg as Penny and Dabney Coleman as Chief Quimby.
Pandora – The World of Avatar, a themed area inspired by James Cameron's Avatar, located within Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park at Walt Disney World, opens to the general public. Set a generation after the events of the Avatar films, the area is based upon the fictional
exoplanetary moon, Pandora, and features Pandora's floating mountains, alien wildlife, and bioluminescent plants.
Attractions include Avatar Flight of Passage - a 3D flying simulator where guests fly on a mountain Banshee over the landscape of Pandora, and Na'vi River Journey - a dark ride boat attraction through the Kapsavan River.