Epcot's 8th International Food and Wine
Festival kicks off in Florida. The festival takes place around World
 Showcase and includes a month-long concert series called "Eat to the Beat!" Sister Sledge opens the
 series with three half-hour concerts daily (throught October 22) on the America Gardens Theatre stage.

Golf great Tiger Woods (a Florida resident) visits Walt Disney World and
takes his turn on Epcot's Mission:SPACE.
Evelyn Venable, the original model for the Columbia Pictures logo and the 
voice of the Blue Fairy in Disney's Pinocchio, is born in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Disney's Alice Comedy Alice the Fire Fighter is released. Alice (played by Margie Gay) and
 Julius attempt to put out a fire at a local hotel.
Actor George C. Scott, the voice of McLeach in Disney's 1990 film The Rescuers Down Under, is born in Wise, Virginia. (Scott is best remebered for his 1970 role of General George Patton in the Academy Award-winning Patton.)
Disney's animated educational film The Story of Menstruation is delivered to the
 International Cellu-Cotton Company. It will be a popular Disney film for schoolgirls for several years.
Mickey Mouse Club airs on ABC-TV. Today is Guest Star Day with 
comedian and Disney voice actor George Givot (the voice of Tony in Lady and the Tramp).
The World's Fair in Flushing, New York (which includes 4 Disney attractions)
 closes for the 1964 season. It will re-open the following spring for its second and final season.

NBC airs Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, featuring part one of "The
 Tenderfoot." A three-part comedy Western, "The Tenderfoot" stars Brian Keith and Brandon de Wilde
 who search for buried treasure in 1865 Arizona.
Disney's 19th animated feature film The Jungle Book 
has its general release. Rudyard Kipling's classic tale of 
the jungle is the last animated feature personally 
supervised by Walt Disney (who passed away during the film's production). Directed by Wolfgang 
Reitherman, the film features the voices of Phil Harris as Baloo, Sebastian Cabot as Bagheera, Louis 
Prima as King Louie, George Sanders as Shere Khan, Sterling Holloway as Kaa, Bruce Reitherman as 
Mowgli and Clint Howard as Junior. The song "Bare Necesseties," written by Terry Gilkyson, will be 
nominated for an Academy Award.
Also released is the live-action feature film Charlie the Lonesome Cougar. About a cougar raised by a 
group of loggers in the Pacific Northwest who reverts to its natural instincts, it is directed by Rex Allen 
(who also narrates) and Winston Hibler.
TIME magazine (Vol. 98, No. 16) features an article
on a newly opened theme park - 
"Disney World: Pixie Dust Over Florida".
FIRST there was Disneyland, an elaborate $128.5 million, 70-acre 
playground that erupted 16 years ago in the Southern California flatlands outside Anaheim. Its stunning success spawned a host of imitators, including amusement extravaganzas called Six Flags in Dallas, St. Louis and Atlanta.

U.S. President Nixon visits Walt Disney World for a special showing of The Hall of 
Presidents, so he can view his Audio-Animatronic double. (Nixon had hoped to attend the 
opening ceremonies of WDW later in the month, but due to the difficulty in getting the proper amount of security, 
plans had to be canceled.)
Actor Zac Efron, the star of Disney Channel's 2006 High School
  Musical, and its sequels, is born in San Luis Obispo, California.
Imagineer Roger Broggie is among those honored at the Disney Legends Awards. 
Company Chairman Michael Eisner states, "Any mechanical things you had to do, what you said was,
'Call Roger, he'll know how to fix it.' Without him, Disneyland wouldn't have happened." The Disney Legends 
ceremony is held at the Disney Legends Promenade (sidewalk area in front of the Disney Studio Theatre). 
Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party premieres in
Disney World for the first time this season.
The Disneyland Resort salutes the American League pennant-winning Anaheim Angels 
with a pep rally at Downtown Disney.
The upcoming Disney World musical version of "Finding Nemo," receives a short preview presentation on the stage of Broadway’s Palace Theatre in New York City. Finding Nemo - The Musical is the first major musical produced for the Walt Disney World Resort by Disney Creative Entertainment.
Emmy Award-winning actor Peter Boyle is born in Norristown, Pennsylvania. He 
portrayed Mr. Whittle in Disney's live-action The Santa Clause, and Father Time in both The Santa Clause 2
and The Santa Clause 3. He also appeared in Disney's 1997 remake of That Darn Cat. (Boyle's best known
roles include Frank Barone on the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and the Monster in Mel Brooks'
comedy feature Young Frankenstein.)
King Louie (the orangutan 
voiced by Louis Prima) was 
one of the characters created 
especially for Disney's 1967
The Jungle Book
Louie doesn't appear in 
Rudyard Kipling's original 
1894 story.

Bagheera: "You wouldn't marry a panther, would you?"
Baloo: "I don't know. Come to think of it, no panther ever asked me." 
An annual holiday tradition kicks off at the El Capitan Theater with the re-release of 
Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before ChristmasThe El Capitan offers a special opening-night 
filmmakers' panel with guests producer Don Hahn, feature producer Denise Di Novi, director Henry Selick and 
supervising animator Mike Belzer. Nightmare will open to theaters in Disney Digital 3-D the following day
(and run through November 18).

The Best of Both Worlds Tour, a 54-date North American run starring Miley Cyrus
as both herself and in character as Hannah Montana, kicks off in St. Louis, Missouri. Hollywood Records recording artists Jonas Brothers also appear. (Tour tickets for each date
have sold out in record time.)
Final paving for the track at the new Walt Disney World Speedway takes place.
 Despite 1995 being the wettest June-July in Orlando on record (75 inches of
 rain), including Hurricane Erin, the construction has been completed on-time!
The Jungle is JUMPIN'!
The sixth episode of Recess, "My Fair Gretchen/Speedy, We Hardly Knew Ye" 
premieres on ABC-TV.
Pixar character designer, writer and art director Ralph Eggleston is born in 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He directed the Academy Award-winning short For the Birds, which
premiered alongside Monsters Inc. - which he also co-wrote. Eggleston's credits include WALL-EFinding Nemo
(which earned him an Annie Award), The Incredibles and the original Toy Story (which also won him an Annie 
Award for Best Art Direction).
Radio Disney hosts the "planet premiere" of the High School Musical 3: Senior Year 
soundtrack. The album (to be released on October 21 in the U.S. - 3 days before the film's release) is played on 
the air in its entirety. "Now or Never" the opening musical number had its world premiere on Radio Disney last July.

The first foreign-language production of Mary Poppins opens in Göteborg, Sweden
at the Göteborgs Operan.
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A production of Snow White Live! debuts at New York City's Radio City Music 
Hall. A popular but limited-run stage show version of Disney's animated classic, it stars Mary Jo Salerno - in 
her professional debut - as Snow White. "Snow White" is produced by Disney veteran Robert F. Jani (also the 
creative mind behind Disneyland’s original Main Street Electrical Parade). The show will later embark on a 
national tour with stops in Washington D.C. (including a special performance for U.S. President Jimmy Carter) 
and Chicago, Illinois (hometown of Salerno). Popular demand will bring the production back to Radio City 
before permanently closing in March of 1980.

Peter Boyle born
"21 Men and a Baby," the fourth episode of the new sitcom The Nutt House 
(co-created by Mel Brooks for Touchstone/Disney) debuts. 
The series stars Cloris Leachman and Harvey Korman.
Disney's adventure film Ten Who Dared is released. The story of United States Army officer 
John Wesley Powell, who was the first to travel up the Colorado River, with other nine men in 1869, to make a 
map of the region, the film stars Brian Keith, John Beal, James Drury, and David Stollery (who as a youn teen 
was first known for his role as Marty Markham on Disney's The Adventures of Spin and Marty).
The Wonderful World of Disney airs on NBC with part one of "The Wacky Zoo of 
Morgan," starring Hal Holbrook, Joe Flynn, Anne Seymour and Wally Cox. Mayor 
Philbrick (Flynn) tries to help Maggie Hargrove (Seymour) push through a proposed art museum ... which will 
be built where a zoo currently stands. Hoping the zoo will fail, Philbrick assigns accountant Mitch Collins 
(Holbrook) the task of running it. To everyone's surprise Collins turns the zoo around!
October Preview Month
October 18
Walt Disney World announces it’s planning to build a new "nature-inspired" resort.
The as-yet-unnamed resort will open in 2022 and will have 900 hotel rooms as well as villas for Disney’s
timeshare program. The new luxury facility will be located between Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.
Animator and cartoonist Walt Kelly, best known for the comic strip Pogo, passes
away at age 60 in Woodland Hills, California. Born in Pennsylvania, he relocated to Southern California, and found a job in 1936 at Walt Disney Productions as a storyboard artist and gag man on Donald
Duck cartoons and other shorts. Kelly requested a switch to the animation department in 1939 and became an
assistant to noted Walt Disney animator Fred Moore. He worked for Disney until September 1941, contributing
to PinocchioFantasiaThe Reluctant Dragon, and Dumbo.