Ashley Brown, formerly featured in the recent tour of Disney's On the  Record, joins the Broadway company of Beauty and the Beast. She   
 is the 15th actress to portray Belle in the long-running Disney hit.
The Disneyland Opera House hosts this year's Disney Legends 
program in honor of the park's 50th anniversary. This year's awards 
mark the first time that an hourly Cast Member is recognized. 
Writer and linguist Jacob Grimm dies at age 78 in Berlin, Germany. He and his brother 
Wilhelm (known as the Brothers Grimm) were the first to write down such classic folk tales as Snow White
Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. A philologist, jurist and mythologist, Jacob was 13 months older than his brother.
Author Upton Sinclair is born in Baltimore, Maryland. His 1936 book The Gnomemobile
 was the inspiration for Disney's 1967 musical film The Gnome-Mobile. (Sinclair devoted his writing career to
 documenting and criticizing the social and economic conditions of the early twentieth century. He first
 achieved popularity with his 1906 muckraking novel The Jungle, which exposed conditions in the U.S. meat
 packing industry. Causing a public uproar, his book contributed in part to the passage of the 1906 Pure
 Food and Drug Act and the Meat Inspection Act.)
Walt Disney's Alice Comedy Alice's Tin Pony, starring Margie Gay, 
premieres at Warner's Theater in New York City. Alice and her cat Julius are driving 
a train carrying a large payroll which attracts the attention of villainous Pete the Bear and his gang. 
The Alice Comedy Alice's Monkey Business is released. While big game hunting,
Alice (portrayed by Margie Gay) and Julius find themselves brought into the court of the King Lion.
It is reported that Disney's extraterrestrial animated feature, 
Lilo & Stitch, may get a makeover. The ending scenes have a cute 
little alien sneaking on board a 747 and taking the jumbo jet for a joy 
ride through the towers of Honolulu. Following the tragic events of 
September 11, 2001 Disney has asked screenwriters to rewrite the 
last scenes. They may replace the airplane with a spaceship.
The second annual Disney's Pin Celebration begins at Epcot.

The Lizzie McGuire episode "Party Over Here" debuts on Disney Channel.    
 Hilary Duff's sister Haylie appears as Cousin Amy.     

Spirited Away, a 2001 Japanese animated film written and directed by famed
 animator Hayao Miyazaki, is released in the U.S. through Walt Disney
 Pictures. The film centers on a sullen ten-year-old girl in the middle of her family's move to the suburbs
 and an awkward wander into a world ruled by gods, witches, and monsters. (It will win many awards,
 including an Oscar for Best Animated Feature - a first for a feature-length Japanese animated film.)
A "Sneak Peek" at the new Mickey's PhilharMagic takes place for Annual 
and Premium Annual Passholders at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom.
Meanwhile over at Epcot, construction begins on Soarin'.

Walt Disney's Hometown Toonfest takes place in Marceline, Missouri 
(Walt's boyhood home).

Lilo & Stitch: The Series debuts on ABC-TV.

Disney's California Adventure presents Disney's Fiesta Latina 
(a celebration featuring mariachi bands, craft booths and spicy food) for 
the first of three weekends.

The hit television series The Milton Berle Show airs an episode featuring 
Ward Kimball's Dixieland jazz band The Firehouse Five Plus Two.

Henry Samueli, co-founder and chief technology officer of the Broadcom Corporation
and a philanthropist, is born in California. In June 2005 he and his wife Susan bought the NHL's Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (now called the Anaheim Ducks) from the Walt Disney Company for $75 million.
Arranger, composer, and actor Frank De Vol is born in Moundsville, West Virginia. 
De Vol wrote the scores for many Hollywood movies, including Disney's Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and Herbie 
Goes Bananas. He also composed music for the Disney TV episodes The Ghosts of Buxley Hall and Tales of the 
Apple Dumpling Gang. (Nominated for 4 Academy Awards, De Vol wrote arrangements for the studio recordings of 
such singers as Nat King Cole and Tony Bennett, and composed TV themes such as Family Affair and The Brady 
Bunch. De Vol also played bandleader Happy Kyne on Martin Mull's talk-show parody sitcom, Fernwood 2 Nite - 
later titled America 2 Nite.)
Disney's Donald Duck short Window Cleaners is released. Donald 
and Pluto are window cleaners on the side of a skyscraper!
The 10th Annual Walt Disney's Hometown Toonfest 
takes place in Marceline, Missouri.

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"Nearly all my labors have been devoted, either directly or indirectly, to the investigation of our earlier 
language, poetry and laws. These studies may have appeared to many, and may still appear, useless; to me they 
have always seemed a noble and earnest task, definitely and inseparably connected with our common 
fatherland, and calculated to foster the love of it. My principle has always been in these investigations to under-
value nothing, but to utilize the small for the illustration of the great, the popular tradition for the elucidation of 
the written monuments." -Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm (1785-1863)
Spirited Away released
Disney Legends inducted
The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences awards the 2008-2009 Primetime 
Emmys for programs and individual achievements on the "61st Primetime Emmy 
Awards" broadcast on CBS. Disney Channel's Wizards of Waverly Place wins 
Outstanding Children's Program.

The TV sitcom, The Nutt House, co-created by Mel Brooks for
 Touchstone/Disney, first airs on NBC. An American variation on the BBC
 classic "Fawlty Towers," the series stars Harvey Korman and Cloris Leachman. A broad
 farce about a once-prestigious New York City hotel which has fallen on hard times,
 Korman (pictured right) plays manager Reginald Tarkington. The
 expensive interior hotel scenes have been shot at the Disney-MGM Studios.
 (Unfortunately the series will be canceled after just 6 episodes.)
Disney's Donald Duck short Lighthouse Keeping is released. Directed by Jack Hannah,
 Donald attempts to keep his lighthouse light lit, much to the chagrin of Marblehead the pelican, who is trying to
 get some sleep.
NBC-TV airs the special Disney's Captain EO Grand OpeningHosted by Patrick 
Duffy, the 60-minute program telecast from both Disneyland and Disney World, includes such guests 
as actress Justine Bateman and singers Belinda Carlisle and Robert Palmer.
The Flame Tree Barbecue at Disney's Animal Kingdom reopens after being 
closed for refurbishment.
Among the Disney treasures on
 display at the 2009 D23 Expo -
the actual Volkswagen Beetle
 that "played" the role of
 Herbie in The Love Bug, the
 costume worn by Michael
 Jackson as "Captain EO," and a
 Nautilus submarine prop from
 Disney's feature
the Sea.
The Golden Girls (a sitcom produced by Disney's Touchstone Television and 
distributed by Buena Vista Television) wins 3 Emmy Awards. The show itself wins for 
Outstanding Comedy Series, the Outstanding Lead Actress award goes to Rue McClanahan, and Terry 
Hughes is awarded for Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.

A new parade replacing Disney World's "15 Years of Magic," called "We the
People All-America Parade" steps off at the Magic Kingdom. The procession features
Mickey and Minnie in colonial attire riding atop an oversized Constitution float, surrounded by a marching band.
Disney CEO Bob Iger and Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Tom Staggs
 announce a long-term creative partnership with James Cameron's Lightstorm
 Entertainment and Fox Filmed Entertainment to bring the fantasy world of AVATAR
 to life at Disney Parks. Cameron and his producing partner Jon Landau and their team at Lightstorm
 Entertainment will serve as creative consultants and work side-by-side with Walt Disney Imagineers on the first
 AVATAR-themed land in Disney's Animal Kingdom. (Construction is expected to begin by 2013.)
Jimmy Starr's Show Business Souvenirs shop, located next to the Disneyland Opera
 House, closes after 3 1/2 years in business. Run by Starr himself, the store specialized in movie
 memorabilia such as photographs and postcards of stars. (Starr was a Hollywood columnist and screenwriter
 during the 1930s and 1940s.)
The second episode of Disney's Recess, "The Experiment/The Great Jungle 
Gym Standoff" premieres on ABC.
September 20
"With this agreement, we have the extraordinary opportunity to combine James’ talent
and vision with the imagination and expertise of Disney." -CEO Bob Iger (2011)
Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground reopens after being shut down
for more than a week due to Hurricane Irma. The Disney World campsite closed
September 9 as Central Florida braced for the storm’s impact.
Disney Magic, a two-disc album with 22 songs on each CD, is released by Walt Disney 
Records. The collection includes various pop stars from yesterday and today like Louis Armstrong, Phil Harris, 
Peggy Lee, Christina Aguilera, Sting, Phil Collins, Celine Dion and Robbie Williams performing popular Disney songs.