Sotheby’s and The Walt Disney Company conclude the celebration of Mickey 
Mouse’s 75th anniversary with an auction of 75 statues of Mickey - which have 
toured the country since Mickey’s 75th birthday on November 18, 2003.
European Disney Comics legend Romano Scarpa is born in Venice, Italy. As a
youngster  he developed a particular love for American cartoons and Disney comics - including classic Floyd Gottfredson stories. In 1956 when Italian editors ran out of new Gottfredson stories to reprint, Scarpa was given
the responsibility to continue the stories about Mickey Mouse. During his career, Scarpa created many Disney characters that are now widely accepted - including Brigitta McBridge (Scrooge McDuck's self-appointed
girlfriend), Gideon McDuck (a newspaper editor and Scrooge's brother), and Kildare Coot (a crazy cousin of
Donald Duck's).
Disney's first full-length animated feature Snow White 
and the Seven Dwarfs is released in Sweden.
Disney's 9th animated feature film, Fun and Fancy Free (two stories hosted by
 Jiminy Cricket) is released through RKO Pictures. The two segments include Bongo (the story
 of a circus bear cub who runs away) and Mickey and the Beanstalk (an adaptation of "Jack and the Beanstalk").
 This marks the beginning of sound effects man Jim Macdonald as the voice of Mickey Mouse (although he & Walt
 share the job on Mickey and the Beanstalk). Walt has hand-picked Macdonald to follow in his footsteps. (Starting
  with this film, Macdonald will be Mickey's voice for the next 3 decades!) Fun and Fancy Free features the voices
 of Luana Patten, Cliff Edwards, Clarence Nash, Pinto Colvig, Billy Gilbert, and Dinah Shore and live-action
 segments with ventriloquist/radio star Edgar Bergen and his puppet characters Charlie McCarthy
and Mortimer Snerd.
On a stopover at Idyllwild Airport in New York City (later named John F. 
Kennedy Airport) Walt Disney is interviewed for radio. He is quizzed about his 
new live-action feature The Great Locomotive Chase (to be released in 1956)
At EPCOT Center's Future World, the attractions Energy Exchange, FutureCom,
 Kitchen Kabaret Revue, Universe of Energy and Harvest Theater all open as the
 park prepares for its October 1 grand debut(The park is in the midst of previews for Cast
 Members and families.) Meanwhile over at the American Adventure, exhausted Imagineers are happily relieved
 as the the entire show runs from start to finish without stopping or crashing for the first time. The show has been 
a monumental struggle to create.
At a rally at Chicago O'Hare International Airport, 
to announce new measures for airline safety 
(since the September 11th terrorist attacks) 
U.S. President Bush urges citizens to: 
"Fly and enjoy America's great destination spots. Go down to 
Disney World in Florida, take your families and enjoy life the 
way we want it to be enjoyed."
The Sioux City Arts Center (in Iowa) holds an opening night reception for a new 
exhibit, "The Animation Art of Ron Clements," dedicated to legendary Disney artist 
and film director, Ron Clements. Clements, who was born in Sioux City, worked on such classics as 
Winnie the Pooh and Tigger TooThe Rescuers, Pete's DragonThe Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Treasure Planet.
All Disney World theme parks (with the exception of Typhoon Lagoon) 
open after being closed the day before due to Hurricane Jeanne.
 Songwriter Robert Sherman marries Joyce Ruth Sasner. 
(Later that year, he and his brother Richard will have their first "Top Ten" hit with "Tall Paul", sung by Mouseketeer, 
Annette Funicello. The success of the song will yield the attention of Walt Disney - who will hire the Sherman 
Brothers as staff songwriters for Walt Disney Studios!)
Al Hirt, The Dukes of Dixieland, and trumpeter Teddy Buckner are among the 
performers for the 4th Annual Dixieland at Disneyland (for the next two evenings).
 The United States Government, 
through the Library of Congress, has 
each year since 1989 named 25 films it 
deems as "culturally, historically, or 
esthetically important." Included in this 
list: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
FantasiaPinocchioSteamboat Willie
and Beauty and the Beast.

At EPCOT, the Listen to the Land boat ride and the Tomorrow's Harvest tour 
(both located in The Land pavilion since the park's debut in 1982) close. Listen to 
the Land will re-open in December 1993 as Living with the Land with a new "thunderstorm" opening scene, 
musical score, and ending. Tomorrow's Harvest Tour took guests on a tour behind the scenes of Listen to 
the Land. It allowed guests to explore the different areas of the green house and the plants that are grown. 
It will be renamed the Greenhouse Tour. As of this day Nestle becomes The Land pavilion's new sponsor.
Film & stage actor Tyler Maynard, the original Flotsam for Disney's Broadway 
musical The Little Mermaid, is born in New Carlisle, Ohio. He was also part of the 
ensemble (and later played the role of Valentine) for Disney's Broadway musical Mary Poppins.
The live "Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends" show at Disney’s 
Animal Kingdom closes after running for 10 years.

More than 3,000 runners participate in the inaugural Expedition Everest Challenge 
presented by Champion, held at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The event is the first urban 
adventure race among Disney's Endurance Series. Thomas Kish, 37 of Woodstock, Georgia, takes home
top honors as he finishes the course at 45:22 beating the nearest competitor by over 3 minutes! 

Nightclubs in Pleasure Island, Florida permanently close at the end of this evening. 
Guests began lining up around 10:00 a.m. to get into the popular Adventurers Club. At midnight, New Year's Eve is 
celebrated one last time, complete with fireworks. (It is the intent that over the next two years, all 6 of Pleasure 
Island's night clubs will be replaced with new stores and restaurants.)

Camp Rock debuts on Disney Channel Italy (pulling in 1.28 million viewers).
It's Got That DISNEY MAGIC! 

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Sound supervisor & sound designer/engineer Robert O. Cook is born in Manitowoc, 
Wisconsin. Cook worked in various capacities at Walt Disney Studios from 1930 until his retirement in 1971. 
Nominated for 3 Oscars, his vast Disney credits include Make Mine MusicCinderellaLady and the TrampOld 
YellerTonka, TV's ZorroPollyanaSon of FlubberBedknobs and Broomsticks, and The Many Adventures of 
Winnie the Pooh.

Fun and Fancy Free released
Romano Scarpa born
Touchstone Pictures releases the thriller Deceived, starring Goldie Hawn 
and John Heard.
"The Accidental Groom," the second episode of the new sitcom The Nutt House
(co-created by Mel Brooks for Touchstone/Disney) debuts. The series stars Cloris 
Leachman and Harvey Korman.
"We (John Musker) learned our craft from the older animators, the nine old men who had worked with Walt 
Disney. We got to work with some of the artists who worked with Walt. And that's always how it's kind of been. 
A kind of a mentor/apprentice situation with animation, that's the best way to learn animation, from someone 
who has been doing it for a while." -Ron Clements
Walt Disney Pictures & Silver Screen Partners II release the feature film
The Journey of Natty GannSet in 1935, the movie tells the story of a young woman, Natty Gann
(played by Meredith Dawn Salenger - her first starring role) who embarks on a cross-country journey to find her father. The first American movie ever to win the Gold Prize at the Moscow International Film Festival, The
Journey of Natty Gann also features John Cusack, Ray Wise, Lainie Kazan, and Scatman Crothers 
(who in 1970 voiced one of the cats in Disney's The Aristocats). 
Two years later the film will air on The Wonderful World of Disney.
John Blackstone of CBS Sunday Morning News joins Diane Disney Miller to take 
viewers on an insightful video tour around The Walt Disney Family Museum, which 
officially opens October 1, 2009 in the Presidio of San Francisco.
The Milwaukee Journal reports "Disney World set for 10th birthday."
Next Thursday Disney World will start its "Tencennial," a year-long series of special events that will culminate 
with the opening of the $800-million Epcot Center Oct. 1, 1982.
ABC-TV premieres the third episode of Disney's Recess, "Jinxed/Officer Mikey."
September 27
"Go down to Disney World in Florida, take your families and enjoy life the way we want it
to be enjoyed." -U.S. President George W. Bush
The 18th Epcot International Food & Wine Festival begins in Florida. Running
through November 11, guests can experience the first Scotland Marketplace, one of more than 25 ethnic
and specialized food-and-beverage stops located around the World Showcase Promenade.
Dark Swan Rises: A Once Upon a Time Fan Celebration, a program to celebrate the magical fifth season of Once Upon a Time, airs on ABC-TV.
This is followed by the premiere of the fifth season of the fantasy-drama Once Upon a Time, with the episode "The Dark Swan".
Sabrina the Teenage Witch, a new sitcom based on the Archie Comics series of the 
same name, premieres on ABC-TV (which Disney acquired earlier in the year). The show 
stars Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina Spellman, an American teenager who, on her sixteenth birthday, discovers she 
has magical powers. (The series' first four seasons will air on ABC through May 5, 2000; the final three seasons will 
run on The WB from September 22, 2000, to April 24, 2003.)