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Modeled after the famous real Mickey Mouse
watches & clocks,
this book features movable Mickey hands made
of sturdy plastic.
$50 U.S. dollars
(includes shipping)
Die-cut shaped, like a high-top sneaker, with eyelet holes punched through the entire book, it comes
laced-up with a long red
non-toxic shoelace.
$50 U.S. dollars
(includes shipping)
This Day in Disney History is proud to offer a small number of long out of print, mint condition Disney books created by
author/illustrator Tony Tallarico.
Author/illustrator Tony Tallarico created and illustrated a line of popular Disney licensed books in 1988-89 for publisher Tuffy Book, Inc. Long out of print, a small number of these titles have been discovered! They are in mint condition and are now available for the first time personally autographed to you by the creator!
Award-winning Tallarico has created and illustrated well over 1,000 titles, including the entire Tuffy Books line. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for serious collectors to acquire personally signed, mint condition official Disney books.
(Want to see what else Tallarico has created? Search Amazon or Barnes & Noble - you'll be amazed at the selection of titles!)

Interested in placing an order? Please email us and let us know which titles you would like.
Don't forget to tell us who you would like the autograph signed to.
Only cash payments through PayPal will be accepted for these items please.
Each title contains 12 full color laminated board
pages (approximatley 8" x 10"). Every page has easily removable die-cut pieces which form the stencil design.
Mickey Mouse
$25 U.S. dollars
(includes shipping)
Donald Duck
$25 U.S. dollars
(includes shipping)
$25 U.S. dollars
(includes shipping)
Winnie the Pooh
$25 U.S. dollars
(includes shipping)
This unique over-sized book (approximatley 12" x 16") consists of 5 board games with four easy-to-set-up
play-pieces. Designed and illustrated by Tallarico,
it even has a built-in handle! Each board game
features different Disney characters including
The Three Little Pigs, Pinocchio, Dumbo,
Alice in Wonderland, and of course Mickey Mouse.
Add Disney's 5 Board Games To Go
to your collection today.
$100 U.S. dollars
(shipping included)